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Laura sustains a busy private voice studio in North Kansas City, Mo.

Laura's students perform throughout Liberty, MO and surrounding areas for festivals, private events, social venues and more.

Ms. Barge’s students are frequently awarded leading roles in school musicals and community theater productions, and are chosen to sing with city, county, district, regional and state honor choirs. She has had students nominated and winning Kansas City Starlight's Blue Star Awards as well as her daughter representing Liberty Public Schools in New York City at the High School Jimmy Awards in 2022.

"For young people interested in musical theater or
a career in music performance I could think of no
better path of preparation than studying with Laura Barge.
A graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Her 
"Stars of Tomorrow" program includes not only
one on one personal instruction but opportun
ities for students to 
get live public performance experience alongside professional

musicians.  Come hear the "Stars of Tomorrow" at Make Music
Liberty, June 21st, 2023."

                                                             - Bill Stilfield 

                                                                            Event / Talent Director
                                                                              Make Music Liberty



“As a promoter and admirer of young talent, both musical and performance, I highly recommend seeing the Stars of Tomorrow at the Corbin Theatre and when they are featured in other area events. These young performers are talented and have a passion to perform well. Liberty is indeed fortunate to have the charming Corbin Theatre highlighted with such talent!”

                                                             - Olena Majewski

                       Engagement & Fall Festival Entertainment Coordinator
                                                             Liberty Chamber of Commerce 

Shelley Curtis, MO

"My daughter has been going to Laura for vocal lessons for the last 4 years.  We were hoping to help build my daughter's confidence to perform in public. She started performing publicly within a few months. After she gained confidence, Laura started working on her vocal skills. She also has helped her with songwriting, playing ukulele, piano, and guitar. I have been amazed at the progress my daughter made in a short time. She has since helped my daughter with auditions for shows and she is doing her own show through Corbin Theatre this summer. Laura is extremely positive and encouraging. She holds her students to a high standard in a kind and caring environment. Stars of Tomorrow is respected in our area and they are asked to sing at several events in the community. All of the Stars of Tomorrow kids encourage each other and can be seen attending each other's shows and events. Laura has become a mentor, motivator, and listening ear to my daughter. We feel very blessed to have found Laura and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation."

Kathy Anderson-Jones, MO

“ Laura Barge is an amazing vocal teacher! We can highly recommend her. Our daughter has been working with her for several years now with great success. 


Laura is one of the kindest, most positive role models for her students. Professionally, her breadth of training and experience are exceptional! She helps guide students and their families along their individual musical journeys to find opportunities for auditions and performances to help them gain experience to succeed at whatever level they desire. 


She works with kids of all ages from elementary to collegiate level. She teaches sound techniques to ensure full protection of their vocal cords throughout their development. Not only does she provide vocal instruction, she teaches piano, guitar and songwriting and composition. 


Laura goes above and beyond! If you’re looking for a wonderful instructor, we highly recommend you reach out to Laura Barge.”

Michelle Price, MO

"My daughter, Cora, has been a vocal student with Laura Barge for several years.  Cora came to Laura as a young, reluctant vocalist; fearful of performing in public and on stage, but she loved music and wanted to improve her singing.  Weekly lessons have been student focused, full of laughter and filled with fun exercises to enhance vocal skills. Not only is Laura a lot of fun and upbeat, she has an incredible personal resume of experience and vast knowledge of vocal training and performance. Laura has helped Cora prepare for auditions, worked on school and musical theater songs, encouraged auditions outside of her comfort zone and given feedback on resume, stage presence and monologues. Over many years working together, Laura has developed a close and caring relationship with our daughter.  She has provided a shoulder to cry on, become a loving mother figure, a voice of encouragement, and most of all one of Cora's biggest cheerleaders and advocates. I can't say enough how much we love and appreciate Laura and all she has done for Cora."

Grace Fisher, MO 2023

“Laura has been an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend who has given me so many valuable skills and opportunities throughout the years. She is always there to prepare me for an audition and she has helped me develop my vocal technique in ways I never thought was possible. Her support has been essential to my success and the opportunities she organizes for her students are unmatched. You can’t find a better teacher, mentor, or supporter in all of Liberty. I owe so much of my success to Laura. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her."

Garrett Lampert, MO 2023

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Laura in preparation for countless auditions and performance opportunities. Her vocal expertise covers a wide range of genres and her knowledge of the music/theatre industry is limitless. Laura’s track record of success is well known throughout Kansas City giving her students countless connections and performance opportunities. I left every lesson better than when I arrived and owe much of my success to Laura. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their abilities as a performer."

Bellamy Brockman, MO 2023

"Laura has been my voice teacher for 9 years now. She has helped me tremendously throughout the years. Not only is Laura a great teacher, she’s also a great friend. Laura will always make time for her students. She wants to see each and every one of her students succeed. With Laura’s help I have seen myself grow as a musician and performer. She has helped me find confidence in my voice and in myself."

Student Wait List

If you are interested in lessons please leave you information. I will put you on an automatic wait list and I will contact you as soon as there is an opening.

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